Viral on TikTok, The Titanic Conspiracy Theory Never Sinked


A video divulges the conspiracy theory that the Titanic never sank. This video has even been watched 11 million times on TikTok and received many comments from netizens.

The video was uploaded by Mia with the TikTok account @_mia.w22_ on January 12, 2023. The video, which received 1.7 million likes in an instant, believed that what had sunk was the Olympic ship to avoid the exorbitant costs required to repair it.

"I really am a child of the Titanic, which means I really know every fact about the Titanic," said Mia.

"I would sit and watch documentaries for hours. But when I heard this theory, it all seemed to make sense," he continued.

He explained that The White Star Line was a very large shipping company and had built three very famous ships. Among them Titanic, Olympic, and Britannic. Britannic was the first to set sail, but according to Mia, Britannic was eventually toppled by a German U-boat torpedo and sank.

@_mia.w22_ Replying to @bamastidealwaysrolls i'm not saying anything for sure, but like i am #titanic ♬ original sound - 🧃

"And then we have Olympic and Titanic. They look identical. Olympic has been silent for a long time. She (Olympic) will soon stop operating and they know it," said Mia.

Then the company, based on Mia's theory, thinks that it will take quite a lot of money to fix Olympic.

"So what if we just ship the Olympic, sink the ship, claim some insurance money and then dispose of the Titanic like the Olympic," he said.

Mia believes no one really knows what the interior of the Titanic really looked like, except for the people who built it. Hence, it would be easy to interchange the two.

"Who knows? Nobody knows," he said.

Mia then names several famous people who decided at the last minute not to get on the Titanic, including J.P. Morgan. He is a prominent banker and owner of the White Star Line. There is also Milton Hershey, from the famous Hershey chocolate brand, who also did not go on the Titanic despite paying his deposit.

Netizens also commented on the conspiracy theory that the Titanic never sank.

"Titanic's construction number is 401, and Olympic's is 400. When the wreck is removed, the pieces are labeled 401," argued @doyouenjoybeingstupid.

"But where is the real Titanic?" asked @aemeitalica.

"Every time I try to tell people about this theory, they don't believe me, but I believe it 100%," said @paige_ag98.

This conspiracy theory has actually been discussed many times, but no proof has been provided until now. This issue ended up being a rumor whose validity cannot be ascertained.

The Titanic sank on April 14, 1912 after hitting an iceberg, ironically on its first voyage. New shipwrecks can be found 73 years later, in 1985 by underwater archaeologist Robert Ballard in the North Atlantic.

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