GNOME 44 Introduced – Using the Code Name “Kuala Lumpur”


 GNOME is a desktop environment offered on a number of Linux-based operating systems. Having been offered since 1999, now the GNOME developers have introduced their latest version, which is GNOME 44.

What is interesting this time is that GNOME uses the code name "Kuala Lumpur" for the GNOME 44 version, in line with the contribution of a number of works carried out by the organizers of GNOME.Asia 2022.

GNOME includes a “Grid View” display on the File Chooser for easier file or image selection, updates to the settings panel, the introduction of the “Device Security” feature, improved sound settings controls, updates to the “Mouse & Touchpad” settings page, as well as a number of updates that others with him.

Later, this GNOME 44 desktop environment will be present with a number of Linux-based operating systems, including Fedora Linux 38 and Ubuntu 23.04 which is targeted for launch in April 2023.