How to Make Cool Text on WhatsApp other than Bold, Italic and Crossed Out


 One of the interesting features in WhatsApp or commonly called WA is that you can change the text to bold, italic, and strikethrough. You know how?

To get writing with the feature, the method is simple. You only need to insert symbols between the text that you want to format.

Bold text

If you want to make text on WhatsApp bold, insert an asterisk symbol (*) at the beginning and end of the text. For example: is *Hello, good afternoon*


If you want to make text on WhatsApp italic, you just need to add an underscore ( _ ) at the beginning and end of the text you want. Example: _greetings_

The writing is crossed out

Furthermore, if you want to make the text in WA strikethrough, add a tilde (~) at the beginning and end of the text you want. For example: ~forbidden to eat~

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In addition to bold, italic, and crossed out text, you can also make text on WhatsApp more cool such as colored text, scrolling text, Arabic text, reverse text, and blank text.

If you want to make that cool text on WhatsApp with that format. You can use other features that have been provided through other applications or websites. See the explanation below.

1. Making Colored Texts on WhatsApp

You should know that creating colored text on WhatsApp can only be done through an application on an Android-based mobile phone. Here's how to make it.

Download the Fancy Text Sticker Maker (WhatsBlueText) app on the Google Play Store, then install it

Open the application, then select the 'Fancy Text' option

After that, you can write text in the column that is already available

Next, you will be presented with a collection of font shapes on the application located right below the column

Then you can choose the shape and color of the text you want

The last step is to copy the text and then copy (paste) the colored text you have created into the chat column on WhatsApp.

2. Making Scrolling Text (Scrolling Text) on WhatsApp

Scrolling text on WhatsApp is a feature to make writing much cooler because it will form a certain pattern when scrolled. How to:

Visit the WhatsApp Scrolling Text link

Scroll down until you find the 'Scrolling Text Time Waster' menu to start making Scrolling Text WhatsApp

After that, you will be presented with a series of default text groups

To change the default text, you can scroll down until you find the typing column

Next, write the desired text to be used as WhatsApp Scrolling Text

Press the option 'Again! Again! Say!'

Later, the website will convert the text you have written into Scrolling WhatsApp Text

The last step, click the 'Copy Output Text' option and then paste the text into the WhatsApp chat column.

3. Making Arabic Text on WhatsApp

You can create Arabic text on WhatsApp by using the Google Translate translation feature.

Visit the Google Translate application or website

Change the language translation settings from Indonesian to Arabic

Write sentences and words using Indonesian writing, for example 'Assalamualaikum'

After that, wait a few seconds until Google Translate presents the result of the translation into Arabic

Once the result appears, you can copy the Arabic text and then paste it on the WhatsApp chat.

4. Making Reverse Text on WhatsApp

Making reverse text on WhatsApp can be done by taking advantage of the feature.

The first step you should do is open the website through a browser

Then write the sentence you want to change the font to upside down in the 'Input' column

After that, the website will automatically change the format to reverse

You can see the result of the changes in the 'Output' column

Next, you can copy the text

The last step is, open the WhatsApp application and then paste the text on the WhatsApp chat

5. Create Blank Text on WhatsApp

Actually, WhatsApp does not allow users to send blank text. However, the blank text can still be created by using invisible characters that can be obtained from the Font Dardura website.

The first thing you should do is copy the invisible characters first on the Font Dardura website

When the Font Dardura website is open, select the 'Copy' option

After that, if the invisible character has been successfully copied, you can paste it in the chat column in WhatsApp.

That's how to make cool text on WhatsApp. Easy enough, right? Don't forget to try it!