How to Use Magic Eraser on iPhone?

 Magic Eraser is the most unique feature Google introduced which was previously exclusive to Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users only. This feature was later expanded to Pixel 6a and Pixel 7/7 Pro users.

This feature is like Content Aware in Adobe Photoshop, where users can delete objects or people in the background to make the image more pleasing to the eye. Only with Magic Erase this feature is easier to use and the process is faster.

In the last two weeks, Google announced that the Magic Eraser feature is no longer limited to Pixel 6 and 7 users but can now be used by all Android and iOS device users. Provided the user subscribes to Google One, which is a Google Drive cloud storage subscription regardless of the cheapest or most expensive plan.

Since this feature was introduced, I've been using it on my iPhone 13 Pro and it also helped me edit photos when I attended the MWC Barcelona 2023 event. Here's how to use this feature;

Open the Google Photos app and find the photo you want to edit.

Press the "edit" or edit icon.

Choose from the suggested Magic Eraser or if there is none, choose Tools.

After pressing Magic Eraser, wait for Google Photos to suggest what should be deleted, if you agree, press Erase All.

If you don't like it, choose to draw yourself on objects or people in the background and press Erase.

The completed image will be copied as a new image, giving the user the option to delete the old image or not.

Another option on this feature is Camouflage which makes objects or people change color to match the scene.

It's that easy to use this feature. You can also apply the same method on Android devices. What we noticed, this feature is activated on Google Photos app version 6.25 for Android and 6.26 for iOS. Once again be reminded, this feature can only be used if you subscribe to one of the Google One plans even the cheapest which is RM8.49 for 100GB per month.

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