Metahuman Animator Uses iPhone's Face ID To Animate Video Game Characters' Faces

 Metahuman Creator is a feature in Unreal Engine 5 to create realistic 3D human characters that can be used in video games, CGI special effects and 3D animated characters. Since its introduction in Unreal Engine 5, the process of creating human characters has been simplified. At GDC 2023, Unreal showed a demo for Metahuman Animator, which simplifies the face animation process.

On stage, head movements and facial expressions of human actors can be transferred to Metahuman 3D characters with the new Animator feature. The process only takes a few minutes instead of hours using the traditional keyframe process.

What makes this demo interesting is that the only equipment required is an iPhone with a Face ID camera. The captured information is sufficient to rapidly render the head, neck and upper body in 3D. Each animation rigging point is also placed automatically without human animator intervention.

Metahuman Animtor has already been used in the in-development Hellblade 2- Senua's Saga video game.

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