RMS: We need to empower youth, in line with market changes


Selangor Young King (RMS), (DYTM) Tengku Amir Shah today opened the Youth Empowerment Fair 2023, while also sharing some views on continuing to enrich and enrich youth in Malaysia.

As many are aware, youth are a key agent in socio-economic development and technological innovation in Malaysia. RMS emphasizes that youth is a priority in the national agenda, especially in shaping their future. Commenting further, RMS says youths need to be powered by giving them the freedom to make educational choices according to their interests, needs and future.

In addition, the industry and the community also need to be adapted to current developments - including the offering of their own education. RMS also touches on the use of GPT-3 and GPT-4 intelligence which can lead to future career changes. This also leads to changes in careers such as data analysts, marketing, writing, and even software engineers. RMS raises the question of whether the university is ready for the future.

Sharing further, RMS touches that maybe the apprentice program should start at the age of 15, or take experience by doing work or work during the school holidays. "Today's youth have a better idea, but inexperienced." RMS also shares experience through the trainee program as young as 16.

“Finally, it is emphasized again that youth should be given the main attention of the national agent, especially when making decisions that shape their future. Youths also need to be included in the decision -making process, and listen to their perspective. The youth are not only the future of our country, but it is the present. ”

RMS emphasizes that no one should be left behind, and it is a shared responsibility including employers, educators, governments and others in continuing to empower our youth for the development of the country.

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