PLUS Releases Travel Time Expected to be Crowded to Return to Kampung Hari Raya This Year

PLUS Malaysia Berhad has issued recommendations for the times that highway users should avoid during the upcoming Hari Raya celebrations. According to PLUS they expect as many as 2 million vehicles a day will use the PLUS and LPT2 highways they operate in the future which is equivalent to a 20% increase compared to normal days.

Peak times are expected to occur on April 20-21, April 24-25, April 29-1

May and 4 -7 May 2023. Users are advised to plan their journey to avoid the expected congestion on the above dates. In order to reduce congestion, PLUS will temporarily stop upgrading and maintenance works on the highway from April 19 to May 1 next.

Highway users can get the latest traffic information in conjunction with the festive season on PLUS and LPT2 Highways through several communication mediums by following Twitter @PLUStrafik or twitter @LPT2trafik, PLUS Application, PUTRI Chatbot, radio stations and electronic signage (VMS).

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