5 Ways to Screenshot Samsung A12, Can Use Buttons - Swipe Features


 Screenshot or screenshot is a feature that can document the information that appears on the gadget screen. For Samsung smartphone users, especially the Samsung A12 series, you can also take screenshots.

Basically, all Samsung smartphones from the flagship, mid-range, to entry-level classes can even take screenshots. In a way, this feature is very important and must be present for all smartphones in 2023.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands how to screenshot on the Samsung A12. Are you a Samsung A12 user and have difficulty taking screenshots? If so, see the methods in this article.

How to Screenshot Samsung A12

According to the official website, there are at least five ways to take screenshots on the Samsung A12. Even though it is included in the entry-level HP class, how to capture the screen on this smartphone is fairly modern and up to date.

Curious, how do you screenshot on the Samsung A12? Check out the explanation below.

1. Using Physical Buttons

The first way to screenshot the Samsung A12 is to use the physical buttons. This method is arguably the most common and easiest to do, because you only need to press the power button and the volume down button simultaneously.

To avoid confusion, consider the following steps:

Open your Samsung A12 smartphone.

Press the power and volume down button simultaneously.

The screenshot process is complete and the image will be saved in the gallery.

For the record, if you take screenshots in this way too often, over time it can damage the physical buttons, especially on the power and volume down sections. If you don't want to take the risk, you can use another method below.

2. Swiping the Screen

The second way is to use the gesture of swiping the screen with your hand. However, to use this feature you must activate the "palm swipe to capture" feature on your smartphone.

For more details, see the steps below:

Open 'Settings' on your Samsung A12.

Then click 'Advanced' features.

Then click 'Motions and gestures'.

After that activate the 'Palm swipe to capture' feature by sliding the toggle.

Finished. Now you can capture the screen by simply swiping it.

3. Assistant Menu

Apart from the two methods above, you can also take screenshots using the assistant menu feature. Just like the "palm swipe to capture" feature, this feature must be activated first via the settings on the cellphone.

So that you are not curious, see the steps below:

Open 'Settings' on Samsung A12.

Then click 'Accessibility'.

Then click 'Interaction and dexterity'.

Slide the toggle 'Assistant' towards on.

If so, click the assistant menu icon on the screen.

Select the 'Screenshot' option.

Finished. Later the image will be directly stored in the gallery.

4. Control Panel

You can also take screenshots on the Samsung A12 from the control panel on the screen. To be able to take screenshots, you must add a screenshot icon on the panel in the following way:

Open your Samsung A12.

Swipe down on the screen until the control panel opens.

Slide the control panel to the right until you find the "+" icon then click it.

Look for the 'Screenshot' icon, then press and hover over the icon on the control panel.

Finished. Now, all you have to do is open the control panel then click the screenshot icon to capture the screen.

5. Using Voice Features

Currently, all Samsung smartphones have a smart assistant feature called Bixby. With this feature, you can take screenshots by simply saying a sound, you know.

The method is easy, just open your Samsung A12 then say "Hi Bixby, take a screenshot" or "Hey Bixby, please take a screenshot". Automatically, Bixby will carry out your orders and save the screenshots in the gallery.

Oh yes, you can also take screenshots using the Google Assistant feature. This feature is also available on Samsung smartphones, because it is an excellent feature presented by Android.

Just like Bixby, you just have to say "Hi Google, please take a screenshot" and voila! Your cellphone immediately captures the screen automatically and the results are stored in the gallery.

So, those are five ways to take screenshots on the Samsung A12 easily and quickly. Hopefully this article can help those of you who have trouble taking screenshots.