5 Ways to Speed Up Internet Connection for Android

Slow or slow internet is often annoying, especially if you really need a fast connection for browsing. To overcome this, it turns out there are several ways you can do to speed up the internet.

The internet is very important in supporting activities on the cell phones that we are holding. Almost all applications that we run on cellphones require internet connection support so they can be used better.

Check out how to speed up the internet connection on an Android cellphone as follows.

1. Reset network settings

Quoted from Business Insider, the first step is to reset network settings to speed up the internet connection. You do this by opening the settings on the cellphone. Then select 'system' or 'general management' depending on the operating system used. Then select 'reset' or 'reset options'. After that select 'reset network settings'.

2. Remove unused applications

Apart from applications, there are also widgets that can keep running in the background even when not in use. This can eat up the internet network, so the connection can be slower. Removing or disabling applications and widgets can be a way to speed up internet connection.

3. Turn off tethering

Tethering or internet hotspot can make internet speed decrease. Therefore, turn off tethering is not used.

4. Clear cache

Cache not only fills up cellphone storage but also makes internet connections slow. Clean cache for faster HP and internet performance.

5. Turn off automatic app updates

Automatically updating applications can reduce internet speed, especially if there are many applications waiting in line to be updated automatically. Turn off automatic updates and update manually. Check the apps that need to be updated every night before going to bed.

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