5G Malaysia : The Second Entity Under the Dual Network Model Needs to Achieve 80% 5G Coverage by 2026


The government is ready to announce the implementation of the 5G dual network model in Malaysia, where the second network managed by a new entity will be established in early 2024. This new entity will be created after DNB reaches the targeted 80% coverage rate by the end of 2023.

In parallel, some advanced things have been shared. The government is ready to state that they will no longer have any stake in this 5G infrastructure provider, instead it will be monitored and supervised under the MCMC.

Now, sharing further, the Minister of Communications and Digital stated that the 5G network managed by this second entity will start with a zero coverage rate in early 2024, and will be given a period of around two years to reach an 80% coverage rate like the first entity.

It was also emphasized that having two network providers will not lead to an increase in costs, and that the MCMC already has the authority to supervise it.

Most recently, the 5G network under DNB is said to have reached a coverage rate of almost 60% at the end of April 2023.

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