How to Restore Fast Chrome Web Browser to Original?


 Google Chrome is one of the most widely used web browsers around the world. Many people use it because it can synchronize various things between the web browser on the desktop and on smartphones such as Android and iPhone.

Anyway, by using it for a long period of time, sometimes the web browser we use will become a little heavy or use more memory. This could be due to a number of things, including the installation of Extensions or many plugins on the Chrome web browser.

To return Chrome to its original state, Google includes a special feature on Google Chrome, which is the ability to reset or reset Chrome. For those of you who want to reset Chrome, you just need to:

Open Chrome, and go to Settings

Select Reset Settings on the right side (Reset settings in English)

Select Restore settings to their original defaults (Reset settings to their original defaults).

With this step, Chrome will return to the original, where it will change the settings to the original for the new tab page, start page, search engine settings, pinned tabs, and will also deactivate various plug-ins or Extensions on the web browser.

In any case, data such as Bookmarks, browsing history and even saved passwords will not be removed when resetting this web browser.

With this step, it will make your web browser a little faster again, like using Google Chrome originally.