How to Stop SMS Spam on HP, Must Know!

 It's annoying when you open your cellphone and find unwanted messages. Starting from strange offers, spam, to fraud. The easiest way is to add the number to the spam list, but there is an easy way to mark a message as spam with just a keyword filter.

Here's how to stop sending SMS spam on your cell phone that you must know, reported by VisiHow. Say bye to the fraudulent SMS that fills your inbox!

How to stop SMS spam on HP:

Step 1

Open the messaging application on Android, then touch the settings sign or settings on the cellphone.

Step 2

Select 'Block messages', then select 'block phrases' to specify keywords that the mobile will identify as spam.

Step 3

Enter some keywords that commonly appear as spam messages by pressing the plus sign (+).

For the record, you have to be careful in choosing keywords. Because by using this option, it means you are blocking the word from any number.

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