Meta Expected to Introduce Alternative Twitter Application as Early as Late June



Meta was previously said to be developing an alternative application for Twitter, under the Instagram product. Now, according to the preliminary information that came to the internet arena, Meta is expected to introduce this text focusing application as early as the end of June 2023.

This application under Instagram is expected to be offered in the form of a separate application, and allows users to share text up to 500 characters. In addition to text only, like Twitter, users can also include pictures and videos on the sharing.

Meta is also expected to integrate decentralized features into the application – more or less like the elements integrated by Mastodon. It is not yet known how many users will react when it is introduced later. Since it is integrated data with Instagram - such as accounts and profiles, then it may attract many users in using the application, and continue to follow various developments from friends whose accounts they like.

According to the screenshots that are also present, it looks a bit like Twitter, but with various elements of Instagram. There is no "Retweet" button shown at this time.

With this latest leak, let's all look forward to what surprises Meta has prepared in the next month or so.