Opera Offers "Aria" Artificial Intelligence Integration in Web Browser, Powered by OpenAI


Opera is one of those web browsers that often comes with a number of interesting and useful features before others. Most recently, Opera has announced the integration of a dedicated panel for artificial intelligence, called Aria.

Aria is a standalone Opera offering, powered by ChatGPT technology developed by OpenAI. With its integration, it can answer a number of queries, generate text, answer questions, and help with anything involving the Opera web browser itself.

Aria is offered for free, and since it is integrated on the web browser, users can also get a variety of up-to-date information - and not limited to only data up to 2021 as in ChatGPT.

For those of you who are interested, you can download the Opera One web browser, and then create an Opera account to access Aria. This feature is being rolled out gradually for users with registered Opera accounts only for now.

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