Samsung Reportedly Not Replacing Google With Bing As A Search Engine


Last month there were reports that Samsung was considering changing the default search engine on their devices to Bing. This is because Bing is seen as a more sophisticated search engine after integrating ChatGPT. Today the Wall Street Journal reported that Samsung no longer plans to replace Google with Bing.

All internal studies to replace the search engine have been halted due to concerns about market reaction and also the impact on Samsung's business relationship with Google. Since the original report was published, Google announced their AI Bard is now available worldwide with Japanese and Korean language support. It is not known if this Korean language support is Google's way of persuading Samsung to stay with them.

Through Google Labs, various artificial intelligence features that have the same features as ChatGPT and GPT-4 were also introduced by Google in their products such as Gmail and Google Workspace.

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