Acer Has No Plans To Enter The Mobile Gaming Industry For Now


When talking about the gaming industry, previously popular hardware for that purpose was seen as desktop computers and gaming class laptops, or game consoles such as Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox and even Nintendo Switch.

In fact, the popularity of the Nintendo Switch console is seen as very popular because it is easy to carry anywhere to play, and a new gaming industry has started where a number of companies such as Valve, Ayaneo and ASUS have started to develop their own mobile consoles based on PC-class games.

During our interview with a number of Acer executives, a question was asked to them about whether Acer or their gaming brand, Predator, will introduce a game console similar to Steam Deck or ASUS ROG Ally.

Jerry Kao, Chief Operating Officer at Acer has said during the interview that the company has no plans to introduce the product at this time. This is because for Acer, they feel that it is not yet time for the company to enter that market segment.

Although the popularity for products such as Steam Deck and ASUS ROG Ally is seen to be very high, especially when it is seen that ASUS has collaborated with AMD to develop the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processing chip, Acer feels that the demand for such consoles is not yet high enough for them to enter this market .

Another reason given by Jerry Kao is that the technology for such consoles is not yet mature enough to promise a good experience to the owners of the hardware. This is pretty interesting too, because according to Nextrift, Acer is the official distributor for Steam Deck devices in Taiwan.

This does not mean that Acer will not develop such products. The probability is that they want to make sure that the combination of components and software (specifically the Microsoft Windows 11 operating system) for this design is more mature before choosing to introduce a product like this.

For now, it can be shown that Acer is still more comfortable introducing desktop computers and premium gaming laptops with gimmicks such as stereoscopic 3D before introducing mobile gaming devices.

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