ChatGPT Enterprise Offered For Enterprises With Enhanced Privacy


OpenAI offers ChatGPT Enterprise to their enterprise customers. ChatGPT Entrprise uses the latest LLM GPT-4 model with it offering a better level of privacy than their previous offerings. With this service the issue of customer data leaking into the web arena caused the use of ChatGPT by staff to be banned.

In addition to guaranteed data privacy, ChatGPT Enterprise has the ability to analyze data uploaded by customers. After uploading the client can ask it to process and state what is understandable. It can also be directed to produce charts, solve mathematical problems and produce work templates that are then shared throughout the client's organization.

The question input is up to 32,000 tokens which allows more detailed answers to be generated. Access to GPT-4 is also unlimited with it providing answers twice as fast.

Another thing about ChatGPT Enterprise is that the monthly fee charged depends on the customer's usage. There is no subscription price announced by OpenAI at this time.

The introduction of this new plan is seen as a way for OpenAI to generate revenue because despite the popularity of their services, the company is still operating at a loss. ChatGPT's future is also in a bit of jeopardy due to several class action lawsuits that have been filed because their LLM model was allegedly trained without asking the permission of the intellectual property holder.

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