Lamborghini Lanzador Revealed – High Performance Concept Electric Vehicle


 Lamborghini will switch to electric vehicles (EV) in the near future as it follows current industry trends. Their fully fossil fueled cars are already fully booked. Last weekend, the Lamborghini Lanzador was revealed as their first high-performance EV concept vehicle.

The interesting thing here is that the Lanzador is not classified as an SUV even though it looks like the Urus SUV that was launched in 2018. Instead it is a GT with a 2+2 passenger configuration. Lanzador is equipped with dual electric motors with an output of 1 MW or around 1300 horse power. Each motor will provide power to the Lanzador tires making it a four wheel drive vehicle.

Each Lanzador has room for four passengers comfortably. There are two screens in front one for the driver and the other for the passengers. All four passengers are placed in basket-type seats to ensure that they feel like they are in a racing car.

Despite changing to an EV platform, the design of the Lanzador retains classic Lamborghini elements such as the large front air intakes and the body with sharp angles that make it look aggressive.

The Lanzador is a concept that will form the basis of Lamborghini's first fully EV car by 2028. With its upcoming launch, this Lamborghini is dispelling the image that EVs have to look boring with aerodynamic bodies.