Now You Can Test the Experience of Using the Galaxy Z Fold5 – But You Need to Use Two iPhones



The Try Galaxy application has been offered by Samsung to iPhone users for the past few years to enjoy the experience of using Galaxy devices. Now Try Galaxy has been updated which allows the experience of using the Galaxy Z Fold5 to be enjoyed by combining two iPhones.

Dual iPhone users just need to go to the website using the Safari web browser. The feature on Safari enables two devices as if it were a foldable screen on the Z Fold5 with One UI 5.1.1. Various features for Z Fold5 such as Flex Mode can be used on these two iPhones.

With this feature Samsung hopes to entice iPhone users to move to their foldable screen devices as Apple currently does not offer a comparable user experience. There are rumors that Apple will offer a foldable screen device but starting with the iPad first instead of the iPhone.