The Nessie Monster Still Fails To Be Spotted In The Latest Search In Loch Ness

 The Nessie Monster is the name given to a mysterious creature believed to live in Loch Ness Lake located in Scotland. The legend of Nessie dates back to 565 with the first sighting before a photo allegedly taken of Nessie in 1934 made world headlines.

Last weekend the largest search mission for Nessie in 50 years was carried out over two days. Unfortunately, despite searches conducted in 17 locations using hydrophones, thermal detectors and sonar, Loch Ness Exploration, which organized the search, failed to find Nessie. This is another search mission that failed to prove the existence of this monster.

Many believe that Nessie may just be the sound of waves, wood or just an optical illusion. In a previous study, the DNA of an animal that had never been recorded failed to be found in a lake water sample. So does Nessie really exist or just a folk tale? Based on research from almost a hundred years ago, there is still not a shred of evidence that it exists.

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