WhatsApp Starts Allowing Users to Share HD Videos


Last week WhatsApp started introducing the feature of sending high resolution (HD) photos to all users. They then confirmed that HD video sharing will also be offered later. Today, in my review – WhatsApp for Android can already start sharing HD videos.

It just doesn't matter how big the video file is or what resolution it is, WhatsApp only gives the option of SD (640 x 368 pixels) or HD (1280 x 720 pixels). At least the video now looks better than before. The method of use is also the same as for pictures, that is, select the video file, then before sending press the "HD" icon and select the desired size.

If you want to share the actual video file without any compression, you can do so by choosing to send the document as before. Another tip that I usually do myself is to share Google Photos or iCloud links directly.

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