Xiaomi MS11 Electric Car Design Leaked


 The Xiaomi MS11 is their first electric car that has been in development since 2021 with it targeting a launch in 2024. Its design is no longer a mystery as teaser images leaked earlier this year. This week the image of the MS11 which is undergoing testing in China has been leaked. The test was conducted on the Urumqi-Changji highway in hot weather.

The main components of the vehicle have been hidden with a cover panel to maintain the secret of the final design. But this car is confirmed to have four doors and not a high-performance coupe like the Tesla Roadster.

Previously Xiaomi said the MS11 would be launched in the same category as the affordable Tesla Model 3 and BYD Seal. Ura-ura says it will have a battery with the ability to travel up to 800 km.

Xiaomi previously said their first electric car project is on schedule with it to be launched in H1 2024. With the electric car market intensifying especially in China, it is unknown if Xiaomi can compete in an industry that is foreign to them.