5G Coverage in Populated Areas in Malaysia Has Reached 68.8%

 Malaysia's Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Fahmi Fadzil has now shared that as of 31 August 2023, the 5G coverage rate in populated areas has already reached 68.8%.

With this latest figure, it now has 11.2% more coverage of populated areas before reaching the 80% target set by the government. For now, 5G network development in Malaysia is managed by DNB. The government aims to introduce a 5G dual-network model after the 80% figure is reached.

Today, all telecommunications companies offer 5G services, including Maxis. Users need to have a device with 5G network support to use it, in addition to activating the 5G network through their respective telecommunications plan.

In the same partnership, Fahmi Fadzil also shared that investment in the digital economy for the first six months of 2023 had increased by 300% compared to last 2022.

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