BMW Stops Offering Subscription Features Like Seat Heaters Because Customers Hate It


BMW is offering a monthly subscription plan to customers who want to enjoy features such as seat heating, vehicle mapping system updates, high beam assist, electric car racing sounds and more since 2020. Charges start from $12 per month per month or pay $415 outright for use continues throughout life.

After getting a negative reaction from their customers, BMW relented and ended the subscription for the feature already installed on the car. Only software subscriptions will be offered hereafter such as automatic parking systems, driving assistance and any features that require internet data.

BMW also admitted that since its introduction, the number of customers for the seat heating feature, for example, is low, making it not worthwhile when the hardware to do it is already installed on the car. Good news for BMW customers as they now no longer have to fall prey to microtransactions.

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