Broken Pixel Watch Won't Be Repaired by Google



Usually if the device is sold, the manufacturer will offer spare parts as well as repair services in case of damage. But The Verge has reported that if any damage occurs to the Pixel Watch smartwatch, Google does not offer a repair service. A Google representative stated that at the moment Google does not have a repair center for this smartwatch. On the other hand if this watch is damaged, Google can only replace it with another watch that the owner has to pay for himself.

Google also works with iFixit to make it easier for users to repair the products they have purchased. However, to repair this watch yourself, users have to find a used or broken Pixel Watch to use the components because Google does not offer any replacement tools.

This is quite disappointing because the watch that costs almost RM2000 after it is broken is only electronic waste and can no longer be used. It seems like it's a good thing the Pixel Watch isn't sold in Malaysia.

In less than a month, Google is expected to launch the Pixel Watch 2 along with the Pixel 8, hoping for a change later. We also do not encourage you to buy imported sets because they are expensive and cannot be repaired.