Canva Now Also Has ChatGPT Support

 What we noticed among industry interns is that they love using Canva to create slides and graphics. It's completely different from Generation X and Millennials who are more comfortable using Words and Photoshop. This is possible because Canva offers thousands of templates that are not only beautiful but easy to use.

But this also creates problems for using templates when there are so many options. To make this process easier Canva now supports the new plugin ChatGPT. Through this plugin, users can tell ChatGPT to find the template that best suits the content they want to produce. Based on the prom, ChatGPT will provide the most appropriate template facility which can then be opened directly in Canva via the provided link.

This plugin can only be used by ChatGPT Plus subscribers at this time by activating it in the plugin options section of ChatGPT.

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