Cradle Wants To List More Local Startups On Bursa Malaysia



Cradle Fund has today announced a collaboration with Bursa Malaysia, where under this collaboration, both parties will list local startups on Bursa Malaysia.

This simultaneously opens up opportunities for more local companies to be listed on Bursa Malaysia, and Cradle will try to help in identifying potential startups to be listed on the exchange.

This collaboration is part of the Fund Funnel program, under MOSTI to coordinate financing options and offer comprehensive support to entrepreneurs throughout the business development financing journey, from the initial stage (seed stage) to the initial public offering stage (IPO).

Cradle also emphasized that they have helped more than 1,000 local startups, and companies under their program have the highest commercialization rate when compared to other funding agencies in Malaysia.

With this collaboration, we look forward to more startups being listed on Bursa Malaysia in the near future.