DingTalk Used As The Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games Communication And Management Platform


In the arena of company management involving communication and collaboration within the company, apart from Slack, there is Dingtalk offered by Alibaba which also provides various services, including file sharing, messaging, employee management and more. Specifically for the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, they have shared a little bit about how this prestigious tournament is run using DingTalk.

The planning of DingTalk to be used as a communication and management application for the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games began in January 2020, where they needed to adapt and upgrade the solution to suit this tournament. This is because unlike the day-to-day business of a company, the management of a sports tournament has more things and operations that may not be experienced with a normal company.

Matters such as solutions for competitions, location bookings, management of athletes, staff and volunteers, even including handling contingents from various countries become an important condition to ensure the smooth running of affairs. This is also coupled with the need for most of these matters to be completed in a fast time, has become one of the main conditions for Dingtalk to solve this problem.

Management of Teams, Staff, Locations, Tournaments In One Application

Just mention a sports tournament, it will involve various users, from various countries, and require solutions on a large scale. DingTalk used at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games enables management and also authentication for various applications in a built-in way through messaging. The head of the contingent, or anyone else, can send a confirmation message or give permission to something, while being monitored by the civilian coordinator.

And if there are any important issues, including emergency issues, Dingtalk also supports audio and video conversations that are directly connected to the Main Control Center to resolve these issues. More than that, Dingtalk can also be used to see the status and smoothness of the competition event and if there are any issues, it can be monitored quickly.

Smart Assistant With Multilingual Support

Complementing sports management using Dingtalk, they also provide smart assistants that help volunteers and management know things related to the sports they manage. He can also answer general questions such as sports rules, how to play, how training is conducted and many more. This information can also be provided either as a chatbot or present as a summary of information that is easy to understand.

Completing this smart assistant is multilingual support, in line with the status of the Asian Games involving various countries. If there are any conversations or teleconferences, it also provides translations that support multiple languages, facilitating communication between all involved, even from different countries.

  Specially Developed For The Purpose Of The Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games

Dingtalk used during this tournament also brought nearly 300 applications that were developed without involving complicated programming. Since Dingtalk also provides a 'low-code platform', anyone can develop a simple system, without needing a programmer nor needing too much time to complete a simple application.

One of the simple applications developed is the application for booking sports facilities. This application was developed to facilitate bookings from various countries, such as the Malaysian team wanting to use the swimming pool for training purposes, the application can quickly check when the swimming pool can be used.

To date and specifically in conjunction with this tournament, DingTalk has handled more than 4.5 million messages, consisting of more than 12,000 workgroups, and it also involves around 300 special applications built to support all matters involving the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games.

With all these solutions, Dingtalk has successfully offered their platform which was originally developed for company affairs, can also be used for the management of prestigious sports tournaments. It allows for pre-tournament preparation, right through to the event, and also gathers results and data to improve other tournaments in the future.

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