Enchanted Portals - 2D Platformer Game Copying Cuphead?



In the world of video games, inspiration can come from the most unexpected sources. Developers often draw from their favorite games to create new and exciting experiences for players. However, there's a fine line between taking inspiration and outright copying. This brings us to the controversial game, "Enchanted Portals," a 2D platformer that has been accused of borrowing heavily from the acclaimed title, "Cuphead." In this blog post, we'll dive into the controversy surrounding "Enchanted Portals" and explore whether it's a loving homage or a blatant copy.

The Controversy

"Enchanted Portals" first gained attention when its Kickstarter campaign launched in 2019. The game's art style, gameplay mechanics, and even its boss battles bore a striking resemblance to "Cuphead." "Cuphead," developed by Studio MDHR, took the gaming world by storm with its 1930s cartoon-inspired graphics and challenging run-and-gun gameplay. "Enchanted Portals" appeared to be a spiritual successor at first glance, and this raised concerns among both fans and critics.

Artistic Resemblance

One of the most noticeable similarities between the two games is the art style. "Enchanted Portals" emulates the hand-drawn, rubber hose animation style that made "Cuphead" so iconic. From the exaggerated character animations to the whimsical, surreal environments, it's clear that the developers of "Enchanted Portals" took a page directly out of Studio MDHR's playbook. Some argued that this choice was a homage to "Cuphead," while others deemed it a blatant copy.

Gameplay Mechanics

Beyond the visuals, "Enchanted Portals" also mimicked the gameplay mechanics of "Cuphead." Players navigate a series of challenging levels, facing off against various boss battles. Much like "Cuphead," success in "Enchanted Portals" requires precise timing, pattern recognition, and quick reflexes. While many fans of "Cuphead" appreciated the familiar gameplay, others accused "Enchanted Portals" of copying the formula without bringing anything new to the table.

The Developers' Perspective

The developers of "Enchanted Portals," Xixo Games Studio, have defended their creation against accusations of copying. They acknowledged "Cuphead" as an inspiration but emphasized their intention to offer a different experience. According to them, "Enchanted Portals" incorporates unique mechanics, such as a spell-casting system and a cooperative multiplayer mode, that distinguish it from "Cuphead."

The Grey Area of Inspiration

The debate surrounding "Enchanted Portals" raises a larger question about the fine line between taking inspiration from a game and copying it. Video games, like any art form, often build upon the works of those who came before. Developers frequently pay tribute to their favorite games, and this can result in new and innovative titles.


The controversy surrounding "Enchanted Portals" is a testament to the passion and dedication of gamers who hold beloved titles like "Cuphead" close to their hearts. While some see "Enchanted Portals" as a loving homage to a classic game, others view it as an unoriginal imitation. Ultimately, the line between inspiration and copying can be blurry, and it's up to gamers and the gaming industry as a whole to engage in thoughtful discussions about the balance between honoring the past and forging new paths in game development. Whether "Enchanted Portals" will stand on its own merits or remain in the shadow of "Cuphead" is a question that only time will answer.