Google Tests "Cube" For Play Store - Possibly Suggests New Apps

 The Google Play Store is getting weirder by the day. Recently more and more ads, Stories-like features, and Google Play credits that can't be used. How does Google want to ensure users stay loyal to their app store and not use APKs or other app stores?

Recently, Android Police has discovered an interesting feature that Google is developing to transform the entire Play Store into a new generation app store. First is a feature named as Cube. This feature is said to be possible to recommend to users the latest popular application offerings in a more modern interface. Google is also testing new widgets that have app, music, first, food, social and video categories.

The second is Download Buddy or "download friend". After installing an application, a small window will display the download and installation status of the application. Users no longer need to go to the application page or check the notification panel to find out the status of the application. This window can also be hidden on the side of the screen.

The third is a reminder to open an application that has been installed but not opened for a long time. Last but not least is a filter that can display applications in the Play Store according to device categories such as phones, watches, tablets and others more easily.

Most of these features are still in development and it is not certain when they will be launched. Google obviously wants to ensure that the Play Store is the main Android app store and wants its users to stay loyal to it by offering a number of interesting features and functions.

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