HONOR Pad X9 – Affordable Tablet With Free Keyboard


I can say that finding a quality tablet that is suitable for daily use is actually not difficult if you follow the instructions and tips. For example, do you know a product that fits those needs and wants? If you can't answer, here I want to suggest you to try the HONOR Pad X9 tablet which is also suitable as an interesting option.

Versatile Design

Start this partnership with a design aspect that is quite neat overall, in addition to being able to provide attractive 'returns' for users. This can be clearly seen through the user-friendly construction that combines good fit and finish. Although it looks simple, it's actually quite fun, especially for those of you who want a tablet that's easy to carry around.

With a weight of about 499 grams and a thin build of 6.9mm with curved sides, it can also make it comfortable to use for a long time. In addition, it is believed to be able to provide users with an extraordinary feeling through a completely metal-based construction in the beautiful Space Gray color finish that is used.

Smooth Experience

Next, the HONOR Pad X9 is also a mobile tablet with a large screen offering. The new HONOR tablet comes with a full 11.5-inch 2.5K resolution LCD display for good display capabilities. The included even bezel design has also provided a relatively wide screen-to-body ratio that can reach 86%. Therefore, tablets are not only able to provide a good experience for use in learning or at work, but are also able to bring the user's visual experience to a more immersive level.

What's even more interesting is that this tablet also supports a 120Hz refresh rate to ensure smooth scrolling animations, while also helping to increase work productivity for a more professional experience. Users also don't have to worry about battery life because the feature can also be adjusted through the settings space for more savings.

At the same time the tablet also got TUV Rheinland and Flicker Free certification which will reduce blue light to protect the eyes. Then the Circadian Night Display feature is very useful for using the tablet late at night. Where the display will automatically darken according to the situation to reduce eye fatigue. Directly here, users have been given a lot of flexibility to customize the user experience according to their own style.

Performance Appropriate to Use

In addition to good display capabilities, HONOR Pad X9 is also equipped with internal hardware that is suitable for use with the Snapdragon 685 processor, which is also matched with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. This tablet also has a 7,250mAh capacity battery which is very useful for long-lasting durability without worrying about running out of battery quickly. Also provided with a free charging head in the box has added value to this new HONOR tablet.

For users who need additional features such as physical keyboard support for a computer-level productive experience, don't worry because HONOR offers that facility with this tablet. What's more interesting, a keyboard worth RM299 is given free with every HONOR Pad X9 purchase.

One more thing if you notice that usually WiFi tablets will be cheaper than those that use LTE. The only problem is that such a tablet needs a consistent WiFi connection to connect to the Internet, or as an option, users can also use a hotspot connection. Don't worry anymore, because this HONOR Pad X9 is sold at only RM1,099 but supports a quality 4G LTE network.

With this it can not only be used optimally in various affairs. In fact, parents who are looking for a tablet that is suitable for their children to use for online learning can also get one to enable them to attend additional classes for example at any time.

A Smarter Ecosystem

Next, if you notice today's users are also more likely to choose a smart ecosystem and HONOR offers that facility with this tablet. Through it multitasking becomes easier through the MagicOS 7.1 ecosystem. For example, through the HONOR Connect feature, fast tethering with other HONOR products can be done easily and efficiently. Apart from working as a multi-screen, users can also move pictures or files with just drag and drop.

Meanwhile, this tablet also supports Multi-Windows and Smart Sidebar capabilities to facilitate multi-tasking. Next, this tablet is also suitable to be used as a 'digital book', especially for children, which allows them to mark any current reading page easily using the Three-finger Swipe feature.

Solid Audio Quality

Then in some cases, the experience of working or studying becomes better when listening to favorite music. It doesn't matter what kind of genre it is, but it's fun if you can listen to it with a good audio source. Obviously with the HONOR Pad X9 users don't have to worry because it comes with the support of six built-in speakers.

Each of them is capable of producing good enough audio in various directions, which in simple words, all the speakers whether on the bottom or the sides are indeed capable of reflecting quality surround sound. It is also interesting that this speaker also integrates HONOR Histen Sound technology with intelligent audio recognition capabilities to change the normal sound mode, while bringing the best entertainment experience through clear details.

Overall here I can say that HONOR Pad X9, can be made a good choice for daily use. The design and matching specifications and features have also provided an attractive added value for it. With a price of RM1,099 you can get a tablet available with 4G LTE and a free keyboard, worth it? Those of you who are interested can get it today and don't forget to visit the HONOR Malaysia website for more other exciting promotions.

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