Intel Developer Cloud Is A Testing Ground That Facilitates Application And Software Development


Among the interesting announcements made by Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger during the Intel Innovation event was the Intel Developer Cloud, which is a sandbox platform that allows developers to program software and prototype applications that can be used with a variety of industrial class processing chips. Intel.

This includes software that utilizes artificial intelligence technology, applications that require high processing power such as machine learning and large-scale computing.

For now, Pat Gelsinger says that the processing chip options that can be leveraged through the Intel Developer Cloud include the Intel Gaudi 2 artificial intelligence data accelerator, the 4th generation Intel Xeon processing chip series and the Xeon CPU Max, the Intel Core i3 processing chip series Intel Core i9 and also Intel data center GPU.

In fact, talking about the processing power of the data center, Intel also announced that they received an order to build one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world, powered by a number of 4th generation Intel Xeon processing chips and as many as 4000 Gaudi 2 artificial intelligence data accelerators with Stability AI, the parent company behind Stable Diffusion as its client.

If you are a technology developer who wants to develop software and applications based on artificial intelligence and existing Intel technologies, you can visit the Intel Developer Cloud website.

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