iPhone And iPad Apps Can Be Downloaded On VisionOS Beta Next Month

 When launching a new operating system the main issue is giving users a choice of applications. It often takes a long time because of the need to persuade developers to offer their applications on new platforms. To the public who want to buy the Apple Vision Pro headset, they will not have the issue of no application because Apple confirmed that the iPhone and iPad application can be used directly without having to be modified.

The App Store will begin to be provided in visionOS Beta starting in autumn or around next October. Through this application store, millions of applications already available can be downloaded and used in the world of VR and AR Vision Pro.

To developers they don't need to publish applications for Vision Pro manually. Any of their applications will continue to be offered in the visionOS App Store automatically. They can also test the app in the visionOS simulator via Xcode 15 Beta now to see if it really works.

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