MediaTek Successfully Develops 3nm Chip – Will Be Marketed With Devices In 2024

 MediaTek today shared that they have successfully produced their first 3nm chip using TSMC technology. With this success, MediaTek says they will focus on the production of this chip starting in 2024.

MediaTek says the 3nm technology process through TSMC allows power, performance and so on to be increased. Compared to the 5nm process, the use of 3nm technology allows it to offer an 18% increase in speed at the same energy, or reduce energy consumption by up to 32% at the same speed. It also increases the logic density rate by up to 60%.

This overall leads to a more powerful and energy efficient processing chip offering – while allowing it to perform higher computing rates.

MediaTek also stated that the first flagship device using this 3nm chip can be seen on phones, tablets, automotive and so on from the second half of 2024.

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