Minister : 5G users in Malaysia have just reached 4.2%


The Minister of Communications and Digital, Fahmi Fadzil now shared that, although the coverage of the 5G network reached 68.8% today, the rate of 5G users is still very low. Through the shared figures, there are now only 4.2% of 5G users in Malaysia.

According to the minister, one of the reasons is because the price of 5G devices is still expensive and unaffordable in the market for now. The government is ready to offer the Rahmah 5G Package for this purpose, in addition to subsidies for the purchase of 5G devices for the B40 group.

In addition, although not stated by the minister, from our own tests and experience, the coverage rate of 5G in buildings is still not widespread leaving many people to remain using the 4G network on their devices. At the same time, telecommunications companies are charging extra for the use of 5G networks – making some not subscribe to the extra pass.

For yourself, what is the reason you don't use the 5G network?

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