MOSTI Is Studying The Feasibility Of Developing A Rocket Launch Site To Space


 The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) has now announced that it is developing feasibility study guidelines for the development of a launch site into space. With this step, it will open the opportunity for Malaysia to participate in the aerospace arena, and become one of the countries that has a rocket launch center into space.

Malaysia is said to have several unique features and advantages, including its location near the equator. If such a facility or center is developed, it will make Malaysia the 9th country to have a rocket launch site into space.

For now, the Malaysian Space Agency is in the process of holding engagement sessions with a number of parties to study and take this idea to the next level.

There is no location specified by MOSTI for the time being regarding which will be the location for the launch center into space. However, previously, Sabah had shared that it was also studying the feasibility and appropriateness of building a space launch center in the state.