Mozilla Finds 25 of the World's Major Car Manufacturers Not Respecting Customer Privacy


Privacy is the keyword that caused Facebook to change their name to Meta. After being fined hundreds of millions of dollars due to the misuse of user data, Meta redoubled efforts to restore user trust to their platform. It can be said that Meta is now more careful with user data. The Mozilla Foundation yesterday published their research report on 25 of the world's leading car manufacturers and found all of them guilty of not respecting customer privacy.

Of these 25 companies, 19 of them admitted to selling customer data while another 21 admitted to sharing user data with third parties. The data that is collected and then sold is application usage, gender, destination driven, distance driven, songs listened to and more.

Next 23 manufacturers do not give the customer the option to delete the personal data collected. Only Renault and Dacia provide this support to comply with GDPR requirements in European Union countries. Meanwhile, another 17 companies have been involved in leaked, hacked and stolen data incidents.

Through their report all 25 manufacturers failed to ensure that customer privacy was respected. Renault and Dacia are the least guilty while Tesla is at the bottom.

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