Mozilla Questions Microsoft – Whether User Data Is Used In Training AI Or Not

Mozilla is now campaigning and questioning Microsoft regarding the use of personal data of users who use Microsoft services in training artificial intelligence.

Mozilla questions this, after looking at Microsoft's terms of service changes that will take effect on September 30, 2023. Through Mozilla's review with three privacy-related experts, they found that it was not clearly stated regarding the use of personal data to train artificial intelligence.

Microsoft already has over 130 products under them, including Microsoft Office, Skype, Teams and Xbox - which are widely used by users around the world.

Mozilla also stated that a total of nine privacy experts also do not understand what Microsoft will do with user data. Mozilla emphasizes that even privacy experts don't understand the terms of service changes – let alone ordinary users.

For now, Microsoft has not released any statement related to it. Today, there are several services that use user data for training purposes, including recently X (or Twitter) which will use user data in training artificial intelligence.

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