NASA Technology Airless Bicycle Tires Now Available for Purchase



NASA developed airless tires that could be used on the surface of the moon and Mars a few years ago. With missions to the moon only due again in 2025 and Mars before the end of the decade, the technology that NASA developed is not widely used. So NASA partnered with the Smart Tire Company to apply the same technology to bicycle wheels.

Metl bicycle wheels have NiTinol metal coils that remember their look and shape. When placed inside the tire, it will provide a shape like a normal pneumatic tire. Because it doesn't need wind to work, Metl won't have the problem of leaking if the surface of the tire is punctured by a sharp object.

According to Smart Tire Company, Metl only needs to be changed after being used between 8,000-13,000 kilometers. After that only the tread of the tire needs to be changed at a cost of around $10 (~RM89) only. Metl is raising funds on Kickstarter with it selling for $500 (~RM2341) a pair.