SK Hynix Investigate How Their RAM and Storage Are Used on the Huawei Mate 60


 The Huawei Mate 60, Mate 60 Pro, Mate 60 Pro+ and Mate X3 were all launched in China last week as a surprise. What makes the launch even more strange is that there is no special event and the full specifications of the device are kept under wraps. Only after the device was unloaded was it confirmed to be equipped with a Kirin 9000s chip, have 5G capabilities and use SK Hynix memory and storage chips.

The discovery of this SK Hynix chip violates the technology restrictions imposed by the United States on Huawei since they were included in the entity list. Therefore, SK Hynix issued an official statement saying that they have not sold LPDDR5 memory chips and NAND SSD storage to Huawei since 2020 due to following the instructions issued by the United States. An investigation is underway to investigate how this incident happened.

Huawei may use the secondary market to buy these two important components. The second theory is that Huawei bought both in large quantities before the sanctions were enforced by the United States.

After the Kirin 9000s chip with 7nm technology and the SK Hynix chip were found on the Mate 60, Huawei has yet to issue an official statement on how they access these components. The United States has already started an investigation to see if the Kirin 9000s have violated the technology restrictions imposed by them.