Study Finds Android Users Will Migrate To iPhone Because of USB-C



This year's iPhone 15 series will officially use a USB-C port after years of requests and only granted after Apple had to comply with the European Union (EU) and India's demands that oblige its users on electronic devices.

In a study conducted by SellCell with over 1000 iPhone user participants and over 1000 Android user participants, 63% of iPhone users did not want to upgrade to iPhone 15 because of USB-C. The remaining 37% want USB-C because it's easy to charge iPads and MacBooks.

A surprising 44% of Android users are seen as interested in getting the iPhone 15 because of USB-C. The remaining 56% do not want to move because they are worried about chargers that are not universal.

As a die-hard fan of technology, of course I was looking forward to an iPhone with USB-C. It is not only convenient for data transfer, but also for charging when roaming abroad. One cable for all is everyone's dream, I'm sure.

What about you, is the iPhone 15 with USB-C the iPhone you want?