Tensor G3 Pixel 8 Will Run Cooler Because of Samsung Technology

 It's no secret that the Google Tensor chip uses Samsung technology. The Tensor G1 which is their first self-designed chip is just a rebranded Exynos. Pixel 7 now uses Tensor G2 and Tensor G3 is coming for Pixel 8.

The latest Tensor G3 is reported to operate cooler on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro because it uses Samsung technology. Google is said to use Samsung Foundry FO-WLP for the production of the Tensor G3 which guarantees to reduce the issue of heating and using battery power.

The new chip on the Pixel Watch 2 is also said to use this FO-WLP technology. At the moment the specifications of the Tensor G3 are still unclear and the design is still uncertain 5nm or 4nm. Let's all look forward to the coming October.

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