TikTok Starts Showing Wikipedia Links In Search Results



Generation Z uses TikTok as a search engine instead of Google. Because of this there is an issue of false or inaccurate information being taken because they trust videos more than written articles. May be aware of issues that may arise. TikTok started displaying Wikipedia article links in in-app search results.

This feature was discovered by The Verge today and we found that it is also accessible to users in Malaysia. At this time the articles displayed are random. Not all searches will provide a link to Wikipedia. We can say that out of 20 searches, only 1 will display articles and the rest will display videos only like a normal search.

Aware of the competition from TikTok, Google has started displaying results in the form of YouTube videos and YouTube Shorts in Search starting this year. To our readers what is your main source of information? Still Google or are you also more comfortable using TikTok?