Touch Pad Surface Laptop Studio 2 Can Be Used For Disabled People Without Fingers

 At the Microsoft Event late last night, how many Surface laptops and smart screens were announced. Among those announced is the Surface Laptop Studio 2 which can work as a laptop, desktop and tablet. But the most interesting feature of this laptop lies in the new Haptic Touchpad included.

This touch pad features Adaptive Touch accessibility. When activated it can detect the touch of disabled individuals who do not have fingers. In the demo, Solomon Romney who is a member of the inclusive design team at Microsoft showed that without this technology he could not use the touch pad because of his left hand. After activation, the touchpad can be used as if he had fingers.

According to Microsoft, the Haptic Touchpad is the most inclusive touchpad ever produced. In addition to accessibility features, these touch pads can provide realistic haptic responses on the entire surface. At this time Haptic Touchpad is only used on Surface Laptop Studio 2 only.

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