TSMC Looks To Japan For Expansion Of Their Semiconductor Chip Manufacturing Plant


TSMC is now seen to be increasingly aggressive in expanding their semiconductor chip manufacturing network. After opening factories in Europe and the United States, the Taiwanese technology company is in the process of opening another factory in the Kyushu islands in Japan.

Their factory in Phoenix, Arizona has just opened, and although it has the ability to develop chips using the latest and most advanced processes, the developed components still need to be sent to Taiwan for the packaging process.

Another issue plaguing the Arizona factory is the lack of skilled workers there, as well as the union's refusal to allow additional workers from Taiwan to be brought into the Arizona factory.

The development of the TSMC factory in Japan is seen as something that could be an advantage for the company, because Japan is already known as a country with the technology and expertise to develop their own semiconductor chip industry.

The location of Kyushu islands close to Taiwan, and the almost similar work culture is also seen to facilitate the decision to develop a new chip factory in that location. With this factory, it is also seen that it can help the Japanese automotive industry to rebuild their supply of semiconductor chips to develop new cars that are smarter and more efficient.

$3.2 billion in factory construction subsidies and the ability for existing TSMC experts to train local workers from the country.

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