Vaccine to Prevent Heroin and Fentanyl "Overdose" Tested Next Year

 The Covid-19, tuberculosis, pertussis and polio vaccines have successfully saved many lives. In the United States there is a pandemic of deaths due to drug abuse of heroin and Fentanyl. More deaths were caused by overdoses of these two opioid drugs than by Covid-19 during the pandemic

Now researchers from the University of Montana will begin clinical trials on humans of a vaccine that prevents overdose when taking heroin and Fentanyl. The vaccine will try to neutralize these opioids without blocking medications such as methadone, buprenorphine, naltrexone and naloxone. It works by encouraging the body to produce antibodies that attack opioids in the body.

In the first phase, the vaccine against heroin overdose will be tested before the vaccine against fentanyl overdose is tested. This test will be done in New York and it will take about six months. In tests using laboratory mice and pigs, the tested vaccine showed success.

If the vaccine is successful in human trials, it could help individuals with opioid addiction problems. This in turn will allow them to return to a normal life after receiving treatment.

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