Vivaldi Introduces Web Browser For iPhone And iPad Users


Vivaldi is one of the most popular desktop web browser software providers. After a long time, now Vivaldi for iOS has also been introduced, allowing people to use the web browser on iPhone and iPad.

Vivaldi for iOS also comes with a number of desktop-like features, including Speed Dial for quick access to a number of links, Ad & Tracker Blocker support, a different tab bar design, and a number of other features.

This also simultaneously gives you a parallel experience just like on desktop as well as on iOS. Quick access to Notes is also provided for you to jot down a note quickly and save it for reference.

With the introduction for iOS as well, Vivaldi also announced sync support – allowing you to bring your web browsing data on the desktop to iPhone or Android.

For those of you who use an iPhone, you can download Vivaldi for iOS today, and use it in your daily browsing.

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