YouTube Introduces Voice Over Features And Generates Videos Using Generative AI


At Microsoft's event this morning they announced artificial intelligence (AI) features on all products with it being built directly into Windows 11. Also announced early this quiet morning were YouTube Dream Screen and Aloud which enable some new features that use generative AI.

According to YouTube users can type promos into Dream Screen and backgrounds or short videos can be generated directly which are then used in Shorts. These videos can be used directly in Shorts or used as backgrounds for content creators. Dream Screen will be introduced at the end of 2023.

More interesting is the Aloud feature that automatically dubs uploaded videos using AI. With Aloud, the video can be voiced with the dubbing process done by Google itself. There is no complete information at this time with YouTube only showing videos in English translated into Spanish and Portuguese. Previously, YouTube introduced multi-language audio features on some videos but it was done manually.

Finally, YouTube can also recommend video ideas that can be produced by the channel owner also with the help of AI. Enter an idea into YouTube and it will suggest interesting topics and what to include in the video to get high views. All these features will be rolled out in phases over the coming months.

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