Airbus Simplifies the Process of Flying a Helicopter With One Control Device

 Airbus has simplified the process of flying a helicopter by requiring only one controller. Helicopters typically require one directional control, one control for climb and descent and one foot control for rolling. This makes the process of flying a helicopter not only complex but tiring.

The fly-by-wire control system used in this new system is similar to the FBW system used on Airbus commercial aircraft. One control stick replaces all three standard helicopter controls. Although tested on a helicopter, this system was actually developed for the CityAirbus NextGen flying taxi that they had shown before.

With this control system, Airbus hopes that their flying taxis will be easier to fly, reduce pilot fatigue and be safer. There are several FBW systems such as those used by Bell Boeing but only the Airbus system requires only one controller.

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