Ookla : TIME Offers the Fastest and Most Consistent Fixed Line Broadband Service in Malaysia

 Ookla, which is popular with its SpeedTest internet network speed checking service, has now released a fixed line internet service performance report for the third quarter of 2023.

Through the published report, it shows that TIME leads the fixed-line broadband arena, ahead of other providers such as Telekom Malaysia (Unifi) and Maxis.

According to the data shared, TIME recorded a median download rate of 110.23Mbps, ahead of TM and Maxis which recorded around 93Mbps.

In addition, in the consistency test that requires service providers to have a download rate of at least 25Mbps and an upload rate of 3Mbps, TIME also leads with a consistency rate of 88.5%. Maxis is seen to record a consistent rate of 86.2%, followed by TM with 85.8%.

Under the multi-server latency test as well, TIME also took the lead by recording a time of only 9ms, compared to Maxis's 13ms, and TM's 15ms.

This also continues to position TIME with the highest score for fixed line broadband service providers in Malaysia by Ookla. For you personally, how is the service of your network provider?

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